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Major Research & Initiatives

Several Areas of Research are crucial both in understanding the past and navigating the present into positive future. A few of them are listed here, with some links to related publications or websites.

Planetization explores an emerging of phase of human-planetary interaction. As explained by R. James Ferguson:

'Planetization as a concept has been revived and reconstituted in the early decades of the 21st century, largely in contrast to limited concepts of economic and technological globalization and completing patterns of globalism that dominated discussions in the late 20th century. Planetization focuses on the idea of the entire planet as an interactive system and object of analysis and concern, drawing in wider understandings of the physical, geological, ecological, and climate factors that shape the biological and human worlds. The concept of planetization opens up the possibility of integrated global perspectives to deal with shared problems of pressing and immediate urgency, problems which are likely to intensify during this century.' (Ferguson, forthcoming) 

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