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Useful Publications and Resources

Listings of useful sources by major research themes are found here, many of them available from the web.

Primary Ancient History Resources

This is a long, but still partial bibliography, listing primary ancient history sources. The 'Deep Past' in the words and writings of the ancients.

Secondary Sources for Greece, Hellenistic Age and Ptolemaic Egypt

This bibliography lists books and articles on ancient Greek culture, the Hellenistic Age, Ptolemaic Egypt, and parts of the ancient Near East.

Thematic Research Bibliography for Contemporary Transitions

This is a thematically organized research bibliography covering Contemporary Transitions, Globalization, International Relations, Environmental Diplomacy, Space and Emerging Technologies.

Resources for Future Studies and World Futures

This short listing includes useful books, articles, journals, websites, SF reference material, podcasts and short videos

Alternative News Sources

Rather than the repeated themes and shallow dives of most mainstream media, there are several concise yet analytical news and media outlets that provide overviews of world affairs and global trends, both in print and video.

Stack of Newspapers

The Interpreter is lively and intelligent coverage of international and global affairs, provided by the Lowy Institute think tank.

Image by S. Widua

World News service from Deutsche Welle, including live English video coverage and print stories. Provides a European and German perspective.

Image by Markus Winkler

The Diplomat provides wide-ranging coverage of current affairs and diplomatic trends.

Eiffel Tower Paris

France 24 has detailed print and video coverage of world affairs in French and English.

Image by Issy Bailey

The International Crisis Group has a wide range of updates and research papers on crises across the globe.


Channel News Asia (CNA) provides a wide range of global and Asian news from Singapore.

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